The benefits of Corrib

·    High quality vertical planting systems.

·    Modular system scalable for any application.

·    Flexible design for installation in any space.

·    Multi purpose for use in interior and exterior locations.

·    Pre-planted with established plants for instant effect.

·    Integrated irrigation for easy watering.

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·    Create working height gardens for the less able.

·    Troughs can be easily removed for changing and tending plants.

·      Provide a healthier environment with increased oxygen levels.

·      Planted in a controlled environment, limiting the time needed on site.

·      A very clean and smart installation process.

·      Easily installed and can be relocated if you move.

·      Can be fitted with integrated maintenance equipment.




Wall Hung

corrib wall.png

Versatile modular concept

Any width or height

Easy to Install

For interior & exterior use

Full range of trims available in a variety of materials and colour's.

Larger concepts

Can be used as cladding



Free Standing Single Sided

1400-42- LOADED.png

Modular vertical planter

Interior & Exterior use

Integrated irrigation system available 

Partitions and screens


Ideal for Exhibitions

Easy to Install

Available at any length or height (max 2m)

Low maintenance

Short term hire available.

Ground level Installations

Domestic and commercial use

Cost effective and hassle free install.

Larger Living Wall Partition and boundaries.

Price: £POA


Free Standing Double Sided


Larger living wall partitions and boundaries.

Boundary concepts

Ideal for Exhibitions

Modular design

Create living wall boundaries inside and out

Easy to Install

Available at any length or height (max 1.8m)

Low maintenance

Short term hire available.

Price: £POA


Wall hung

Wall hung

Free standing

Free standing

Interior wall hung

Interior wall hung