Custom Interior & Exterior Vertical Garden Solutions

With the right system and a bit of planning, you can have a beautiful and thriving green wall in a huge variety of locations and designs. Whether you are an interior designer, architect, garden designer, exhibition designer, homeowner or commercial property developer.

Sky Green Designs has the living wall solution to fit your needs and budget. Our products are metal in fabrication, using zintec powder coated steel which will not break down under UV light. Our products are robust enough to cope with the growth of the plants and will also be a safe option when cladding the outside of a building.

We are able to offer our products on a short or long term rental basis, or to purchase outright. We supply product only or fully planted and installed to enable you to create your very own bespoke vertical system, the hardware is offered in a variety of colours and design variations. We can guide you on which system would best suit the location and environment where you wish to have your vertical garden.



Carra is a low profile, blanket covering vertical planting system fitted with our unique irrigation system, it's the foundation of our free standing products, cost effective, easy to install. This system provides endless elegant design solutions for vertical plant presentation. 


Corrib is a system perfectly suited to accommodate larger established plants for instant coverage, wall mounted or free standing, inside or out. Being robust and easy install with an excellent level of sustainability through its tried and tested water management system. Corrib has the flexibly to suit any size or shape of living wall.          


Mask is a system using either Corrib or Carra to create an arc or curved design. As with all of our living products Mask offers an excellent level of sustainability through its water management system.

Mask has the flexibly to suit any size or shape of installation, supplied in a
range of colour's.                      


Ennell is our entry level vertical planting system, an inexpensive robust, modular system. Easy install design aimed at the discerning gardener who would like to develop their very own high quality vertical planting system. Suitable for 1 Litre plant's.  Ennell uses our unique irrigation system, enabling watering by hand or our conventional irrigation systems. Made in a range of colours.

Size : 40cm x 30cm


Take your garden to new heights